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Smart India Hackathon 2018 - Experience

To promote Digital India movement in India our Hon'ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi taken this huge step and introduced SIH-2018 in India so that we youngsters can participate and help them to solve some major issues which are caused in India by using our technical abilities.

We didn't knew anything about SIH, but we came to know about this on their website where they mentioned that we can participate in this Hackathon and contribute our knowledge by solving some problems. We were really excited about this and after forming our team we submitted our idea proposal to their website as it was mandatory so that we can get selected.
It took around more than 1 months where we got the news that the final list is released. At that time my heart was really pumping hard and my hands were shaking while I was downloading the final list pdf. Once it was downloaded I quickly did Ctrl + F and typed our team name "Scripters" and after 2 - 3 seconds it showed the result…
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India's MP Transportation Analysis through Python

Python is really a powerful language and with proper use of it anyone can make beautiful things. After studying Python I was really impressed by its power and to be more specific I really love how we can scrape any website easily with the help of python. Scraping is a process of extracting data from website by their html data. So I learned its basic and started scraping many website.

Recently I thought of creating something big through scraping but I was having no idea what to do. Then I came across with the site of MP transportation and I realized that they got so many data inside there website. The website is very simple, you open the site enter your transport number details and then search it. Then you will get result about your transport vehicle which includes type, color etc.

With python2.7 I created one script to scrape because with python 3.x there were less support to some modules. I decided to go for 'last' search type because with others I was facing some issues (ma…
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